F High(MHz)
F Low(MHz)
Power Handling

rf switch matrix

30-3000MHz 8 group and 4 choose 1 Switch system,Isolation:≥60dB,Gain:≥-5dB,N-K

4*16 switch matrix

4*16Switch Matrix, DC-26.5GHz, 4 ways input, 16 ways output, Control interface: RJ45

filter matrix of mobile phone test

Use the mobile phone test system of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, connect signal source, spectrum analyzer, integrated tester and tested terminal for fast switching test to improve test efficiency.

Model: DNB-IOT-01

rf mobile automatic test

RF mobile automatic test, conducted stray test, external integrated tester, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer and other equipment automatic test. Support deep customization.

rf switch matrix

30-1350MHz 8 group and 3 choose 1 Switch unit,Isolation:≥70dB,Gain:≥-5dB,N-K

rf mobile automatic test

RF mobile automatic test, stray test and EMC test